Kulavidyā School of Yoga came into being as a solution to the challenge of the present time: By offering our service online we turn restrictions into possibilities, and we bring people together regardless of their location or financial means. 

This project is inspired by the life path and experience of two Yogis, Alonso and Roberto. Both of whom share the same passion for yoga and have immersed themselves deeply into the wisdom of the yoga philosophy for many years. Both have learned from extraordinary Indian teachers and are committed to sharing this knowledge and their own experience with others.

At Kulavidyā you will find a carefully selected schedule of in-person as well of live zoom yoga classes in different styles and other online offerings, plus an off-line on demand practices to do at your own pace. All of our group classes are open to any kind of practitioner, no matter the previous experience. 

We invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and be supported in improving your physical, emotional and mental abilities. By joining our offers, you will be guided by experienced teachers and become part of a beautiful community.

The name Kulavidyā implies that knowledge is passed down within a lineage or tradition. Within the Kulavidyā School of Yoga you are welcomed by an international team of dedicated teachers who not only live yoga every day but who are here to share with you what they have received and discovered throughout their journey. 

Let’s share, support and grow together so, we can create a beautiful life for ourselves and for this beautiful planet. We are happy to have you here!