What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda means: the science of life. It really is the science that guides us and helps us to achieve a healthy and full life, followed by significant longevity. A relevant longevity is to get old feeling healthy, without ailments, enjoying your life normally and without relying on any external help. Can you imagine being able to achieve this? Ayurveda gives us all the necessary tools.

The most surprising thing is that Ayurveda is not difficult to apply to our lives.

  • Follow the laws of nature.
  • Learn to know the self.
  • Observe how to feed the senses
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What do you get from a consultation???

  1. A pre consult video call with Majo our ayurvedic therapist to determinate what are your needs, and what are you trying to target with the consultation (+/- 10 minutes)
  2. You get an ayurvedic form, that you need to fill up with some of your daily habits and health conditions. That you later on you have to send back.
  3. The ayurvedic consultation with Majo (she speaks French, English and Spanish fluently) In this video call Majo will inform you about your ayurvedic condition, and she will schedule some healthy routines for you to follow, in order to make your goals possible.
  4. You will also get an extra email, with all the recorded material for you to go back and forth.
  5. A possibility to have a continuity with Majo in the future.

For more info please contact us and if you needed the ayurvedic form, download it from here.