Thursday's Pranayama, Cleansing and Balancing Practices

Thursday’s Pranayama, Cleansing and Balancing Practices

Join us every Thursday at 7:30 AM (CET) for 30-minute yogic preparatory practices.

Set the tone for a serene and balanced day.

This gentle and mindful practice will guide you through a series of practices that enhance your mental strength, and energy levels. Unlike our asana classes, these practices emphasize the awareness of your breath, allowing you to feel and connect the physical part of yourself, clearing up the mind, and cultivating inner tranquility.

Recommended preparation: Ideally, you have finished your morning cleanse routine before the practice, with empty bowels and no food on your tummy.

If you cannot come to the class, the class will be recorded for you and send it to your way right after the class.

Embrace the serenity of the morning and start your day feeling grounded, energized, and connected with yourself. Join us for these ancient yogic practices.


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